The World has become obsessed with Introverts.

This Method was devised by Introverts! Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly & Marie O’Riordan. But it works for every Personality.

Most importantly, it allows People to be successful and creates a balance so they can all work successfully together.

This is the ultimate optimization tool for People.

Over the past almost 7 years and ever since we made the Method public in 2013 we’ve been allowed into the World’s of an impressive array of Sectors very much in the glare of the public eye.

Here’s a selection:

FORTUNE 500 Companies up to the Top 5 Listed.

FORBES The World’s Billionaires “The Richest People on the Planet 2015” Top 5 Listed. Top 20 Listed. Top 90 Listed. Top 140 listed.

TIME “The 100 Most Influential People 2015” TITANS Top 5 Listed. TITANS Top 10 Listed. ARTISTS Top 5 Listed.

NYSE U.S. 100 Index Listed.

NYSE International 100 Index Listed.

NASDAQ 100 Index Listed.

FTSE 100 Listed.

Gold World Champion Athletes.



European Champions.

Grand Prix Winner.

Professional World Sporting Legends.

The World’s biggest and most successful Soccer Teams, Management and Owners.


Royal Families.